puppies make me smile.

18 10 2010


Thank you, God for dogs!

This is the newest addition to our family….Miss Ruby! And she’s just a doll! I love her already 🙂


silly mothers.

8 09 2010

My mom is so cute. Unbelievably adorably, and I love her! A few days ago she said she might have a few ideas for me for the name of my blog, which is currently “insert creative title here”.

What she didn’t realize is that that is the name I picked for my blog. It wasn’t just a propt message to “insert creative title here”, like she thought it was.

A silly story with a good message– my mom loves me and will be looking out for me even in silly ways, like naming my blog!

I Love You, Mom!! 🙂

four pawed friends.

2 09 2010


Today I lost a friend, a sister, and a dog. Not just any dog either. The most gentle, loyal, cuddly, affectionate chocolate lab-springer mix the world has ever seen. This may seem strange to most people just how close this dog was to me. She protected me and provided an unconditional love that even most humans aren’t able to give. She was a cherrished part of my family, and I considered her a sister (in a way) because of my lack of human siblings.

This little blessing stumbled into my family’s life 12 years ago. Her and her brother Joey were taken into our home as foster pups. As a foster pup, Maggie developed Parvo (a puppy disease) and had we brought her back to the Humane Society she would have been put down. Instead, we vaccined her and kept her as our own. Since that day she has been an active and vital part of our family.

Today (September 1, 2010), Maggie’s life was tragically ended. Maggie was always a curious dog, and early this morning after being let outside she didn’t return home. Every effort was made to find her, lots of people were informed of her missing. Approximately 2ish today a women walking near our house reported seeing a dog, with the discription of Maggie, laying on the side of the road, appearing as though she wasn’t breathing. This was, unfortunately, the dog we have adored and cared for for numerous years.

I will always miss waking up in the morning and finding Maggie laying below me on the floor. I will always miss our snuggle session before bed. I will always miss her pretending she’s a lap dog as she plops her (large) self right ontop of my lap. I will always miss her running to the door to greet me. I will always miss the way she would get excited when I would say “Is momma home?!”. I will always miss her contageous joy and excitement for life. I will always miss her quirky nicknames…Magitha, Dar-phalpha, Mag-hun, Mooks, and soooo many more.

Maggie Mae Carlson, consider yourself missed!

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” –Rodger Caras


17 08 2010

This month is soaring on by already! I have sooo much booked into the rest of this month that I will only be available 5 days the rest of this month to work. My wallet will take a hit from that, definitely!

But lots of fun planned!!

Today I leave for Jay Cook State Park in northern MN and will be returning home on the 12th. Then I have Friday to unpack, do laundry, and repack because Josh and I are going to a Schutte family gathering for the weekend. Upon arriving home from that I have lots of packing to do for moving to Bethel. I will also be going to California for a short time at the end of this month. Then the day after I return from California, I move in on campus to Bethel! I am extremely excited 🙂

Here’s to a magnificent August!

life change.

6 08 2010

I’ve not even started at Bethel yet but I already know that it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Besides my wonderful boyfriend, I have such amazing friends that make me belly-laugh so hard that I’m crying. I can not wait to live on campus. Ahh! 🙂 Id move in right this minute if I could!


4 08 2010

Excited is an understatement. Anxious doesn’t begin to explain it either. The idea of being surrounded by some of my favorite people, and being around lots of people with such similar ideas on life will be so great! That sense of community will be something I have never experienced. I will be learning so much this next semester. About being a good roomate. About separating time with friends (that will be so close) from time for studying. About making God a priority. About being ok seeing Josh only once/twice a week. And so much more. I feel so blessed to have gotten this oportunity to be at Bethel, its right where I need to be! Thank you, Jesus! 🙂

six years.

5 03 2010

Today is a wonderful day.
Today is the day I celebrate six wonderful years with Josh.
I am so excited to see what the next six years bring for us!